Hair Masking Services
Professional Photoshop Hair Masking Services

Hair Masking Services

Shoddy, shabby and unkempt hair in any photograph can mar the mood and intensity of the messaging. ZPhotoedit is a top provider of outsource hair masking services in India with rich experience of separating models’ hair from images and carrying out custom enhancements to them. It is usually very difficult to remove tiny objects, minute grooves, and unnecessary backgrounds from images.

ZPhotoedit has a professional and expert team to carry out your photoshop collage masking and complex layer masking requests and provide flawless hair masking solutions for your photography. Our skilled and experienced photo editors use the latest image editing software to provide best image masking services, including professional photoshop hair masking services. We can deliver the best results, in the quickest time and the most affordable rates with the help of our scalable and reliable services.

By outsourcing the transparent masking for glass images task to us, you can rest assured that your images will be perfected before sending them over. For you we make the job simple enough. Submit your request, talk to our experts to elaborate your requirements, set your priorities with us and approve the plan. We then take over and focus on your goals and deliver a finished result that will exactly what you want.

The Photoshop Magic Wand tool is used to make hair look natural, voluminous and of the perfect color and shine that add the wow factor to images. We also change the hair style, hair length, their placement on or around the body or image, crease them, part them or add or remove curls as per your requirements.

Our Hair Masking Services

  1. 1. Complex Layer Masking - A mask is added to the required layer of the image to hide parts of that layer. Complex layer masking is an extremely useful compositing technique used by experts to mask fine objects, such as hair, smoke, or feathers.
  2. 2. Alpha Channel Masking - Alpha channels are added to the image to create and store masks that in turn helps us protect and manipulate specific parts of the image. With alpha channel masking even transparent and translucent images such as that of glass surfaces, that are difficult to mask, are successfully masked and edited.
  3. 3. Translucent Object Masking – It is used to enhance the perspective of any translucent or transparent objects, such as glass surfaces or water splash, in the image with background removing.
  4. 4. Collage Masking - Our experts are proficient in compositing multiple images together to create a digital collage retaining the fine details of each of the images.
  5. 5. Our Other Hair Masking Services include -

Our Portfolio Includes

  • Fashion designers, Fashion studios, boutiques, online Fashion stores
  • Jewellery designers, stores, online platforms
  • Photographers, photo studios, art galleries
  • Real Estate companies, agents and property owners
  • Furniture stores and companies
  • Automobile retailers & showrooms, manufacturers, resellers.
  • Automotive component manufacturers, sellers and online stores
  • Product retailers and stores, online stores

Why ZPhotoedit?

  1. 1. Well-rounded solutions without cutting corners
  2. 2. Most economical rates delivering true value for your money
  3. 3. A team of experienced, well-trained and creative professionals
  4. 4. State-of-the-art infrastructure for reliable service delivery
  5. 5. Latest Software like Adobe Photoshop CS and CC, Adobe Lightroom, PaintShop Pro, Kodak Digital ICE technology, etc.
  6. 6. We support all formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, etc. and both digital or physical form
  7. 7. Our 24x7 support is responsive
  8. 8. The security and privacy of your data is non-negotiable

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