Skin Retouching Services
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Skin Retouching Services

Skin retouching services is a process in which the skin, its color, texture and features are enhanced and made perfect for the use in professional or personal spaces. The skin color enhancement services are extremely important for portraits and close ups to be used in outdoor hoardings or digital advertisements. You can visualise this process as being equivalent to putting on make-up. Many times, a fashion designer or marketer may want an extreme or quirky look on their models to tell their story; this can be achieved by the process of skin retouching.

We also provide scars retouching services India that helps in providing an even tone to the skin, changing its color and removing scars. We also perform enhancements to hair color, remove blemishes on the skin, remove dark circles, add a mole, add eye shadows, etc. Collectively they are called skin wrinkles retouching services and are used chiefly in campaigns for beauty products, as ‘before’ and ‘after’ images. Blemishes can be added or removed easily.

ZPhotoedit helps photographers bring out the best results by providing top quality photo skin retouching services including whitening teeth, skin retouching, skin toning, blemishes and wrinkle removal, and smoothing skin. Certain photos require special details to be worked on eye as they alone have the power to dazzle the viewer. Here our enhancing eyes image editing services come to your assistance where we can change closed eyes, dark circles, age marks, etc. to make those eyes stand out.

ZPhotoedit's Skin Retouching Services

Skin Retouching Techniques We Use

Makeup and good lighting enhance the beautiful skin in the portrait, still skin retouching can provide the finishing to attain the best results. Some of the key techniques we use include:

Touch-up Layer Technique

This is a very technical process to retouch photos and achieve beautiful, glowing skin. It is used mainly for correcting blotchy skin, blemishes, wrinkles, oily patches, dark circles, flaky skin, and red patches.

Frequency Separation Technique

It is a simple process to deal with blemishes, scars, spots, etc. and is frequently used to remove flakes of makeup, strands of hair, dust or lint, etc.

"byRo" Method

This method is useful when the skin requires an overall touch-up. Named after the inventor, this method is very useful for quick and overall smoothing of the skin while maintaining the skin texture.

Wrinkle reduction

Our image editors significantly reduce wrinkles from models’ face and exposed body parts to a significant level to make it look young and flawless.

Body Reshaping

Depending on the requirements and individual photographs, each image from even the same photoshoot may need body reshaping – either slimming or bulging in some areas to an even result.

Verticals / Industries We Cater to

ZPhotoedit works with clients from different industries and verticals, including:

  • Online Apparels Shopping
  • Online Beauty Product Shopping
  • Online Fashion and High-End Shopping
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Publishing Houses
  • Advertisement Agencies
  • Online Sports Accessories
  • Portrait Studios

Why Choose ZPhotoedit for Skin Retouching Services?

We have been assisting professional photographers across the globe with our skin retouching services achieve the best results:

  • Our work with clients across verticals and domains gives us a wealth of experience
  • We provide high-quality services at affordable rates with added discounts for bulk orders
  • We guarantee a quick turnaround time
  • We use latest photo editing tools and software with state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Our team has experienced photo editors, trained from premier institutes, with a dedicated focus for your work
  • We ensure utmost security of your data during transmission, storage and processing

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