Apparel Photo Editing Services
Apparel Photo Editing Services

Apparel Photo Editing Services

Online apparel shopping is one of the largest and fastest growing segments and it has immense potential for growth in the future as well. People buy clothes to dress for a special occasion, to look and feel good, to power dress at the office, to impress the special one and for their loved ones. Therefore, online retailers for apparels and garments need to pay special attention to attract and retain more customers. So do the offline retail stores with use of smart marketing and advertising.

If your apparels do not get enough attention from the audience to the eCommerce platform or your website or if you see fewer click-through, then it may be because of the unappealing pictures of your garments on unattractive model or mannequins. Blemishes, color casting and distracting background in the apparel photos can dampen the mood of any photograph however good it was shot. Get our apparel photo editing services by outsourcing them to ZPhotoedit. At ZPhotoedit, we have expert image editors who understand the demands and constraint for each apparel type and apply fashion apparel photo editing accordingly.

To maximize your online store revenues and provide an almost in-store experience to your potential buyers by using our apparel photography editing services. Every eCommerce store has products like other online stores and by using our apparel photo retouching services you can really stand out. Apparel shopping is more about the experience and the feel that a garment conveys rather than the price – these are mostly impulsive buys rather than planned execution. One generally buys a piece of cloth or garment because he or she “felt like” buying it and here our clothing photo retouching services make all the difference.

ZPhotoedit has an experienced team of image editors with expertise in apparel image editing services and use latest editing software to remove backgrounds, remove unwanted accessories, adjust contrast and brightness, etc. at very reasonable rates.

Various operations that we perform

  • Adjusting white balance
  • Cloth color enhancement
  • Creation of a stylish effect in the photos
  • Removal of unwanted objects or accessories
  • Image straightening
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Addition of black and white effects
  • Background removal or replacement
  • Fixing of creases stains, blemishes, or scratches
  • Removal of wrinkles from clothing
  • Replacing neck joint and collar
  • Elimination of unwanted color cast
  • Showcasing front and back clothing
  • Re-sizing, cropping, or scaling images
  • Addition of drop, natural, or reflection shadows

Key Services

Why Chose ZPhotoedit as your partner?

If you chose to outsource apparel photo editing services to us, you have following advantages

  1. 1. Team of expert professionals
  2. 2. Holistic solutions and well-rounded approach
  3. 3. Affordable rates
  4. 4. Reliable and robust infrastructure
  5. 5. Use of latest software
  6. 6. Support for all formats
  7. 7. 24x7 support and feedback integration in work
  8. 8. Complete security and data privacy
  9. 9. Total quality assurance

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