Background Removal Services
Outsource background removal services

Background Removal Services

Not every background against your subjects are shot are perfect to be used as it is. There are times when you wish you could knockout the background from an image to increase its appeal. The reasons for such a need may be – imperfect background, poor lighting, too much shadow on it, unwanted elements in the background, or simply the need for a transparent background for better fusion.

The main difficulty while removing background from an image is that the pixels on the edges are very blurred separating the main image from its background. It also becomes difficult to change the background to company colors or a plain white or a contrasting black.

ZPhotoedit’s image background removal services solve all such issues by isolating the subject and removing or changing the background. We offer the best outsource background removal services at the most affordable rates and deliver them in shortest possible time.

Handling the challenge of make background transparent photoshop with quality, ease and promptly are daily tasks for expert Photoshop professionals at ZPhotoedit. To sample the bouquet of the wide array of services that we have to offer and to make background transparent free, contact us and upload a sample image with any complexity. Our team will get in touch with you promptly and gather your requirements to deliver the results quickly.

Why should you remove the background?

  • To sell on eCommerce marketplaces - Amazon, eBay, and many popular marketplaces require white or neutral or transparent backgrounds.
  • Consistent imagery for your website - There will always be differences in images from different photoshoots even of the same set. Removing background showcases a consistent online presence.
  • To reduce file size - Removing original background and replacing it with solid color reduces the image’s file size substantially.
  • To eliminate distractions - Even the best of photoshoots may result in photos with stains, spots, footprints, props, or shadow visible in the background. We eliminate all such distractions.
  • To replace background - Using different colored backgrounds for popping up the desired objects or placing a product in a different context is a common practice.

Our professionals are well-versed in the following tools and techniques in Photoshop for the best results in image background removal:

  • Background Eraser Tool
  • Channel Masking
  • Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Pen Tool

When you avail our background removal, image editing, image enhancement, image correction, image restoration and many other such services, we perform following tasks on your images:

  1. Background Removal - As a professional background removal service provider, we carry out removal of or alteration to the backgrounds of your images.
  2. Background Cleaning – As part of our background-cleaning services we take old or damaged images and touch-up them to make backgrounds clear and sharp, remove stains and discolorations, and making necessary edits to restore the image to its best.
  3. Removing Unwanted Objects/People from Background – Wires, shadows, furniture, other people, etc. are many items that may clutter the background; we delete such parts blend them with the surrounding background to make images realistic and clean.
  4. Background Color Change- We can edit background color or remove the background completely to make it transparent to let it fuse with any surface or website/app.
  5. Watermarking - We carefully remove watermarks from an image and your own watermark -on images, if needed.

Why Partner with ZPhotoedit?

When you choose to partner with ZPhotoedit you are hiring the best. There are many reasons to hire us:

  • Scalable services with best turnaround time
  • Prompt response and active integration of client feedback
  • Use of latest and best software, tool and technologies
  • Our professional team of photo editing experts is regularly trained and exposed to the best practices in the industry
  • Our services are highly customizable to meet your specific needs
  • We offer the most affordable rates that give the maximum bang for your buck
  • We follow the SLA and NDA in letter and spirit to guarantee complete security and confidentiality
  • Our world-class infrastructure supports our high volume and demanding work

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