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Drop Shadow

Do your pictures of products, properties and places look raw, bare, unattractive and artificial? Are they missing a natural effect and feel to them? If that’s the case, then you can use our photoshop shadow services to add or manipulate shadows in photographs in such a way that they look natural.

Drop shadow effects build an impression of a shadow below or behind the focal point of an image. It literally “throws light” on the element of focus within a photograph. A shadow of any object or element is an effect that show the object is slightly raised over the ground or the surface. Natural & Reflection shadow creation not only adds character to the image but also adds depth and texture to it. At ZPhotoedit, we use best quality drop shadow services to create the perfect shadows for objects in your photographs.

Our natural drop shadow services are mainly used for product images like clothing, jewellery, accessories, food items, automobiles and their components, building and their surroundings, etc. There are endless uses of floating and reflection services in the digital graphics editing and enhancement. Photoshop drop shadows can be applied in different forms.

We provide the reliable and most affordable reflection shadow services with best results guaranteed and a quick turnaround time. The ZPhotoedit’s clipping with shadow service is offered by a team of experts and experienced and creative professionals using the latest and most advanced software tools.

Different Types of Photoshop Shadow Applications

Natural Shadow Effect

We offer natural shadow restoration services to restore an image’s shadow and give it a more natural look. Most clients opt for this service when looking for background removal while still retaining a shadow.

Drop Shadow Effect

This effect adds a shadow at the bottom of a product recreating a natural effect that an overhead light would produce. We create high-contrast shadows or soft shadows, depending on your preferences.

Mirror Effect or Reflection Shadow Service

Our mirror effect services add enigma to any photo by creating the illusion of a reflection or shadow in a reflective and shiny surface. The original image thus gets your complete attention in this backdrop. These are often added for products such as glass or plastic bottles, ceramic products, electronic equipment, jewellery, etc.

Floating Shadows and Reflections

This technique is used showcase that the element in the photograph are not on solid ground and appear to be floating. For example, for images near a swimming pool, oils or soups.

When to Use Photoshop Drop Shadow Services

  • Shadowing can be used to add depth to flat images
  • When a product needs to stand out from the background - when the item and the background both are white
  • To create uniformed products for a catalog or online stores
  • Give a natural look to the product
  • To add character to the pictures

Why choose ZPhotoedit for your Drop Shadow Needs?

You get following Key Advantages, when you choose us:

  1. 1. We strive to provide holistic solutions and never cut any corners
  2. 2. We offer the best and most affordable rates, giving true value for money
  3. 3. Our experienced, well-trained and creative team provides the best solutions
  4. 4. We have reliable infrastructure, for guaranteed service delivery
  5. 5. We use latest software such as Adobe Photoshop CS and CC, Jasc PaintShop Pro, Kodak's Digital ICE technology, etc.
  6. 6. We support all formats and forms, digital or physical photographs
  7. 7. Our 24x7 support and quick response time gives you the feeling of being in control always
  8. 8. We ensure utmost data security and privacy
  9. 9. Quality Assurance, process driven and always guaranteed

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