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Virtual Staging Services

Virtual home staging is the latest and most exciting way to execute home staging. Our virtual staging services are best cost-effective option to traditional staging of vacant homes using real furnishings, furniture and fixtures. Physical staging with real furnishings is expensive, time consuming, can delay the listing process and even sometimes may not even be possible. With our virtual staging process, we use your current furnishings, decor and colors to create stunning photos of homes, offices and other vacant spaces that are staged as per your exact needs.

When you try the best virtual staging services you get the best quality furniture, fixtures, and décor sitting very nicely in your spaces making them look elegant, spacious and full of life.

Why is a Realistic Product so Important?

Almost 4 out of 5 home buyers decide “not” to buy a home after looking at the photos of the homes and buildings online. You don’t want to be in the those more than 80% listings if you really wish to sell that property. The expert team of imaging experts at ZPhotoedit provide realism while staging by adding different styles of furnishings to the vacant spaces from modern to contemporary, from minimalist to conventional according to a building’s architecture and your style preferences.

Our virtual staging solutions requires a large inventory of images of furniture, furnishings, decorative lights and other decor. With virtual staging we can add luxury to a space that can’t be imagined easily otherwise and that can be the difference between and sale or a rejection.

Staged homes give the best chance to sellers and developers close deals faster and at higher prices. Our virtual staging services help you display the best features of your property in best light in multiple designs for a wider palette.

Do You Need Virtual Staging?

  • Increase buyer interest by engaging them with a stunning visual experience.
  • Sell your properties faster and fetch higher sale price.
  • Virtual staging costs a fraction of conventional staging.
  • Stage in style and to suit the wider palette of your potential clients.
  • Unleash strong digital marketing campaigns with stunning pictures of virtually staged spaces.
  • Display all rooms in the best suitable manner.
  • Have unlimited design, décor elements and color options work for you in as many styles.

We Stage

Sample our Styles

We can offer a wide array of styles to stage your vacant spaces that are consistent throughout the apartment or office and are tasteful, elegant and bring out the beauty of the space. Our selection of carpets, lights, tables, desks, chair or sofa, wall pieces, lamps, everything goes with the style we offer. Nothing seems out of place and out of sync. We have done successful work using Modern, Contemporary, Scandinavian, Urbane, Traditional, Country and European styles.

Why ZPhotoedit for Virtual Staging?

Here are some reasons to choose ZPhotoedit as your partner:

  • Best-quality services and assured results
  • Team with years of experience in image editing and stitching services
  • On-time project delivery, irrespective of low or high-volume projects
  • Strong infrastructure for ensuring quality solutions within defined turnaround time
  • Brainstorming sessions with clients to assess their needs accurately
  • We offer quality solutions at the most economical prices
  • Scalable facilities to handle large and batch projects
  • Guaranteed data security and privacy
  • No loss of data or image quality with latest software
  • Multi-format image support
  • 24x7 Client Support through Dedicated Single Point of Contact
  • Fastest response time, turnaround time and throughput

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