Image Manipulation Services
Image Manipulation Services

Image Manipulation Services

Creative photo manipulation services are one of the most innovative and enticing image editing services demanding skills, experience, and creativity. This service is extensively used for books, journals, magazines, magazine cover images, advertisements, animations, online education, presentations, digital marketing, etc. Our expert and professional graphic designers use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software are for such services to work on photographs.

A graphic designer visualizes the final outcome with the help of clear guidelines from the clients. They also anticipate if the message that will be conveyed will be correct and accurate or may mislead the target audience. A graphic designer performs the role of a skilled storyteller to tell a story using art.

We manipulate your images in a number of creative ways – replacing head, creative drawing, or surreal photo manipulation, converting images to sketches, enhancing images using photo density & color correction.

At ZPhotoedit, we ensure you get a realistic picture of an imaginary scenario by using our photo correction services. With our image manipulation services at your disposal you should let your mind wander and come up with the craziest of visualizations and we will realize it for you.

Photo and image manipulation also involve many photo color correction services for having the perfect results. These include background removal or addition, brightness and contrast enhancement, color correction, image depth effect, temperature correction, air brushing, etc.

Our Top Photo and Image Manipulation Services

  • Background Transformation - Our team can add, remove or completely transform any background in Photoshop.
  • Special effects - Complex techniques are applied to get a double exposure effect like blending of a human portrait with a landscape.
  • Pin-up effect – Our editors convert the simple portraits into pinup posters from magazines.
  • Cinematographic effects – Photos clicked in quick succession are used to stitch into a looping sequence that looks like a motion picture reel.
  • Color Correction - We make photos look natural and pleasing with color correction techniques like density & temperature correction, balanced saturation, curves, and solid color fills.
  • Image Vectorization - We offer services for clipping path, raster to vector image conversion, and image masking.
  • Collage Creation – Customized and bespoke layouts to place your photographs in a mosaic to create a stunning collage to be used as a personal gift or decor.
  • Brightness and Contrast Enhancement - Perfect brightness, balanced contrast, and crispiness or sharpness add life to any picture.
  • Object Removal or Addition- Unwanted objects like dental braces, misplaced props, wires, tress etc can be removed. Similarly, objects that are desired like trees, swings, fireplaces, etc. can be added to images
  • Old photo restoration - Aged physical and digital photos are fixed by reviving its quality pixel-by-pixel.
  • Converting Photos to Paintings, Sketches and Cartoons – Converting images to sketches or artistic renderings gives them the most creative look.

Why Chose ZPhotoedit as your partner?

  1. 1. When you hire professional photo editors at ZPhotoedit, who have years of experience, you are assured of your most challenging projects delivered on time.
  2. 2. Our processed images are not just touch-ups; we truly add the wow factor.
  3. 3. Our services exceed your expectations and industry benchmarks and yet our rates are truly economical.
  4. 4. Our world class infrastructure of servers, workstations and redundant high-speed Internet connections never lets us down and thereby you.
  5. 5. We use the latest and most advanced software tools like Adobe Photoshop CS and CC, Jasc PaintShop Pro, Kodak's Digital ICE technology, and Plug-ins like light machine and color washer.
  6. 6. We work with and can deliver results in multiple formats like JPEG, TIFF, PSD, CDR, BMP, etc.
  7. 7. We provide 24x7 support with shortest possible response time and appreciate active feedback from clients.
  8. 8. We employ all measures to secure your data in storage, transmission and processing and keep it private as per your wishes.
  9. 9. Our Quality Assurance team checks each image on multiple parameters before delivery.

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