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Image Clipping

Your photographs of products, models, properties, etc. may have glare or poor background that can dampen the beauty of photographs. This is where our outsource image clipping services come handy to your aid. By applying Image Clipping the desired portions of an image are highlighted and the unwanted elements are removed.

When you get your products photographed for showcasing them on website or app, it becomes crucial to remove any unwanted elements present in them. With the use of image clipping path service from ZPhotoedit, you get to remove the unimportant areas to portray the photographs in the best light.

ZPhotoedit is the leading provider of the best real estate image clipping services to real estate companies, real estate agents and individual property owners. Our portfolio has a large share of the clients from the real estate sector benefitting from our image clipping services. Similarly, our fashion photo clipping services are used by leading fashion houses, eCommerce apparel stores, export houses, retail chains selling fashion garments and accessories, fashion boutiques and fashion designers. We provide them clipping services for bringing out the best in their apparels and models wearing them.

Our scalable services are geared to handle even large volumes of requests in the quickest possible time. Our professional photo editing services team then work using image clipping mask photoshop to deliver you results in a time bound manner.

To sample our image clipping services free you can contact us for submitting your first job work. We will provide you the best results in the least time possible and thereupon you can decide to retain our services for larger projects./p>

Process We Follow

Our editors create clipping path in latest graphics software to export it along with the picture. This is done in the form of an alpha channel within the exported image file. Now, the image can be drawn directly in any page layout application. They use the pen tool, in photo editing software, for drawing vector paths across your image remove the background and enhancing the desired section.

Defining Clipping Path

An image clipping path is the path along which an image is cut or clipped.

Photo Masking

A slightly complicated process, where our experts cover the image using different masking techniques.

Product Photo Editing

In this step, the image of the product is isolated from the background.

Remove Photo Background

The image background is removed by removing the isolated central image`s background from the product.

Image Tracing

Image tracing helps to even out the edges and remove pixelation and color differences along the clipped edges.

Crop and Resize

Applying Drop Shadow Effect

Our experts use drop shadows for enhancing the appearance of your images by making the subject appear three dimensional and raised.

When does it make sense to vectorize an image?

  • For use on websites and apps as vector images they provide a better experience on zooming. Also, they are smaller in size so load faster.
  • Ideal format for logos and crest so that same image can be used for websites, cards, billboards, advertising material, flyers, letterheads and so on.
  • Perfect for garment and product printing due to clarity, scalability and sharpness.
  • Ideal for animations and presentations.
  • In Geometry of maps can save GIS data as vector data and then linked to other software and data rather easily.
  • Vector images are important for CAD as well as they allow the calculation of dimensions, the creation of parts, lists, etc.

Our Portfolio of Clients belong to

  • Real Estate companies, agents and property owners
  • Furniture stores and companies
  • Food – restaurants, food delivery platforms, hotels, fast food joints, retailer of food items
  • Jewellery designers, stores, chains and online platforms
  • Automobile retailers & showrooms, manufacturers, resellers.
  • Automotive component manufacturers, sellers and online stores
  • Fashion designers, studios, photographers, boutiques, and online and retail stores
  • Product retailers and stores, online stores, photographers

Why ZPhotoedit?

  1. 1. Well-rounded solutions without cutting corners
  2. 2. Most economical rates delivering true value for your money
  3. 3. A team of experienced, well-trained and creative professionals
  4. 4. State-of-the-art infrastructure for reliable service delivery
  5. 5. Latest Software like Adobe Photoshop CS and CC, Adobe Lightroom, PaintShop Pro, Kodak Digital ICE technology, etc.
  6. 6. We support all formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, etc. and both digital or physical form
  7. 7. Our 24x7 support is responsive
  8. 8. The security and privacy of your data is non-negotiable
  9. 9. We assure highest level of Quality Assurance

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