Image Vector Services
Converting Raster into Vector Image

Image Vector Services

Vector graphics are an advanced format of computer graphics bringing a sea change to the concept of imaging. Vector Images are best suited for real estate agencies and developers, studios, product designers, or eCommerce platforms that routinely make use of many images. Vector images are built of geometrical shapes and therefore can be easily scaled or printed without loss of quality whatsoever. The easily editable attributes of vector images make them the perfect media for creating logos, portraits, banners, etc. that require changing size and scale frequently. Our professional raster vector conversion services can also convert your raster images into vector images.

Usually, raster to vector conversion services are required for printing needs, but increasingly they are being used for digital platforms as well because of a large variety of devices. At ZPhotoedit, we help clients from all over the world with their needs of vector image conversion for logos, artworks, illustrations, signs, floor plans, drawings, etc. Our photo vectoring experts can redraw your pictures from raster images and deliver easily editable, printable, high-quality and perfect to scale vector images.

The Vectoring Process

Our HRD photo blending services are best in the class and assure you the best blended images of your real-estate property. At ZPhotoedit, our advanced photo blending services by the best professionals include blending of different exposures, different focal points, diverse brightness levels and different contrast levels. When you outsource real estate photo blending services needs to ZPhotoedit, we ensure the highest levels of satisfaction and service quality, always.

Bitmap image and vector image are vastly different from each other. Where bitmaps are composed of pixels storing information about color of each pixel, the vector graphics are composed of paths and geometrical shapes where mathematical functions establish relationships between points and the paths connecting them. At ZPhotoedit, we redraw your raster images by using least number of points to keep the file size in check.

Advantages of Converting Raster into Vector Images

  • The resolution in a bitmap image is finite, while vector images are resolution free meaning they can be scaled to any size
  • Bitmaps are bound by a rectangular boundary, whereas vector images are independent of such bounding rectangle
  • The file size of high-resolution bitmaps is very large, but that of a vector image is negligible in comparison
  • Unlike bitmap images, same vector images can be printed on paper without any loss of quality

Advantages of Using ZPhotoedit’s HRD photo Blending Services

  • We tailor our services meet your expectations and still offer the best rates for them
  • We use the latest software and tools like Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Enblend-EnfuseGUI to for best results
  • We offer the fastest turnaround time on jobs
  • Our photo blending experts are experienced and proficient
  • Our services are scalable to handle projects of any size
  • We ensure utmost security and privacy of your data

Why choose ZPhotoedit’s Image Vectorization Services?

Whatever your needs ZPhotoedit has the right mix of people and tools to convert any image to vector graphics. We specialize in over 250 different vector image formats such as IMG, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PICT, GIF and TIFF.

Following are some of the major image vectoring services we offer:
  • Photo conversion
  • Maps- We can redraw different types of maps into vector formats
  • Building blueprints and floor plans- Our team of image vector experts can provide you with vector conversion of the blueprints of any building
  • Logos- We can provide you with hand drawn logos
  • Technical drawings- We have expertise in vector conversion of engineering drawings
  • Banners- We can create banners with vector graphics
  • 3D models and animation- By using vector conversion, we can convert images into 3D models and animations using vector conversion

Key benefits when you partner with us

  1. 1. Ready-to-Use Vector Images
  2. 2. Savings on Operating Cost
  3. 3. Increased Efficiency
  4. 4. Best Turnaround Time
  5. 5. Scalability to handle large projects

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