Image Tracing Services
Image tracing Services

Image Tracing Services

Image Tracing or Vector conversion result in vector graphic image from a raster graphic or a bitmap image. A vector image consists only of geometrical shapes like lines, curves, circles and regular polygons that are determined by the vectors of a mathematical formula regarding their relative size and position in the overall graphic. These vectors describe the image by means of geometric characteristics and polynomials to allow to save it as a shape that is defined by position, line thickness, radius, angle, etc.

How do you vectorize an image?

For effective and efficient vector tracing services the Adobe Illustrator is one of the most advanced and commonly used software. With its Live Trace function, any raster graphic image is converted into high-resolution vector graphic image. The Illustrator allows the editor to trace a path along any image be it drawings, photos, scans, logos, PDFs, JPEG or BMP files and much more. It is done to clearly define all important details of the image. Software tools Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop are also quite popular for vector conversion service.

Our photo tracing services are aimed at providing the Online retailers and operators of ECommerce platforms, jewelry designers and stores, real estate companies, online publishers and bloggers, product photographers, marketing agencies and many more sectors. These are needed so that same image can be viewed perfectly on any device, with any resolution and can be zoomed to any level.

We specialize in jewelry image tracing and are among only a few reliable players in the market for providing such services. Vector tracing of jewelry images needs to be perfect to showcase their intricate and minutest details. This requires attention to detail, patience, steady hands and experience that only ZPhotoedit can deliver.

Just the opposite of such small objects are Real Estate properties. We have a separate team to handle real estate image tracing needs of our clients with experience to trace the vast number elements that are part of any real estate image. These can be landscapes, furniture, chandeliers, fireplaces, intricate design on columns and unique architectures.

We convert raster images in all formats such as BMP, JPG/JPEG, PNG, or GIF files to any desired vector graphics formats such as PDF, SVG, or EPS vectors, so that you can quickly get your artwork ready to publish, embed, print, embroider, cut, and much more.

Our image tracing service

  • Digitization of logos, crests, designs, products, drawings, graphics, plans, floor plans and much more
  • No loss of detail, scalable, sharp edges for print and plot solutions
  • Processing of all formats and qualities, including scanning of physical photos for digitization
  • Storage in various formats – AI, SVG, EPS, PDF etc. – via illustrator
  • Immediate further processing for optimum quality

When does it make sense to vectorize an image?

  • For use on websites and apps as vector images they provide a better experience on zooming. Also, they are smaller in size so load faster.
  • Ideal format for logos and crest so that same image can be used for websites, cards, billboards, advertising material, flyers, letterheads and so on.
  • Perfect for garment and product printing due to clarity, scalability and sharpness.
  • Ideal for animations and presentations.
  • In Geometry of maps can save GIS data as vector data and then linked to other software and data rather easily.
  • Vector images are important for CAD as well as they allow the calculation of dimensions, the creation of parts, lists, etc.

Our Tracing Image Services

ZPhotoedit excels at providing best quality, low cost, timely and reliable image tracing services to its long-standing clients. Our image tracing services consist of:

If you chose to outsource image tracing services to ZPhotoedit, you have the following advantages

  1. 1. Team of Expert professionals
  2. 2. Comprehensive and Complete Solutions
  3. 3. Affordable Rates and Best Quality
  4. 4. Skills and Creativity, never compromise
  5. 5. Support for All Input Formats JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF etc.; Delivery in All Desired formats PSD, SVG, EPS, etc.
  6. 6. Regular Feedback and 24x7 Support
  7. 7. Complete Security and Privacy of Data
  8. 8. Total Quality Assurance Practices

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