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Video Editing Services

At ZPhotoedit we have an expert team for video post-production services, providing best video editing services India for wedding shoots, corporate videos, event clips, product videos brochures, and even YouTube videos. Our clients are mostly business where high-quality image editing services need to be complimented by same standard of video editing services. And instead of going to another service provider, they rely on us to deliver. And we never fail!

We are committed and offer you the best YouTube video editing services if you are an established or aspiring YouTube star. Our excellent wedding video editing services can make any wedding video look like a fairy tale in any cultural setting and any time of the year. We help you choose the best footage, carry out colour correction & grading, and stabilizing the shots even from drones.

ZPhotoedit’s Professional HD video editing services are frequently used by corporates, hospitals, travel agencies, hotels & resorts for making their videos look stunning. Our team of expert provide professional corporate video editing service for corporate presentations, marketing videos and training videos.

Our editors have worked on a wide range of videos ranging from wedding video editing to editing a documentary, travel video editing service to home video editing. Our experts can follow your style of video editing and present to you exactly as per your needs. We offer highly personalized video editing services for content creators, families and directors of documentaries.

Video editing requires the best software (Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects), well-trained and creative editors and highest-grade equipment. ZPhotoedit have them all at a secure facility to serve your all needs and to edit videos in 4K, 60 frames per second. We can export multiple videos from the same main video to re-purpose content - several short videos, or videos in different aspect ratios for different devices.

Some of our Most Sought-After Services are

  • Go Pro Video Editing – When you are into extreme sports or adventure photography – like a car racing or skydiving or capturing the cheetah dashing – you need the best video editors to male every frame count, because that is what will stand you apart.
  • Wedding Video Editing – Memories are to be treasured and the romance must be captured in a wedding video. To capture the excitement and happiness of the couple, the celebrations in the friends and family, the tension of occasion, we use all our expertise and do that. We provide our services to wedding planners, wedding videographers and even to the lovely couples to make their memories last forever.
  • Corporate Presentation Video Editing – If you are a visionary and want to tell your story with moving images instead of boring charts, then we are here for your aid. Or if you want to make presentations for distribution in CDs, to be played over in kiosks or to upload to your website for auto play, then also we are the team to go.
  • Training Video Editing Services – Online education has become a very important phenomenon nowadays. They are used by Universities to teach their students remotely or by industries to train their workers on the job. Whatever the purpose, the difference between a good training video and a bad one is often not the content or the trainer, it is the editing and captioning that goes with it. We are the best video editors to make training videos for any purpose and audiences.
  • TV Shows and Commercials Video Editing Services – Cable and Satellite Television are the biggest consumers of video editing services. The number of channels that are on air on local, regional and national level are mind-boggling. Every 24-hour channel needs properly edited videos for their shows and commercials. We work with creative directors, art directors and show producers to edit their videos as per the demands of the script and channels’ constraints. We have edited many 10, 20 and 30 second spots for many brands.

Our experts first discuss your requirements to assess the services needed, work to be done, and manpower to be deployed. Then they come up with a price and a timeline to make your decision easier. We can also provide express services for urgent needs at special prices.

We have the requisite hardware capabilities and expertise to deliver your results in 4K for a truly amazing experience. We can edit videos of any length and size and don’t have any cap on their limits, but that depends on your raw footage and other elements you want in the video.

We can work with any format – AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc. – and can merge scenes, rearrange footage, remove unwanted content, add music, add text/ headlines, etc. to enrich your videos. We cover almost all types of videos ranging from corporate and branding to social media videos, from explainer videos to training videos, from animations to YouTube videos, from travel to wedding/home/family videos.

Our Video Editing Services

We perform all types of video editing including:

We provide professional editing for

Real Estate Video Tours Storyboard Services Training Videos Holiday Videos
Wedding Videos Client Testimonial Videos Online Videos Home Videos
Sports Videos Short Films & Documentaries Event Videos TV Shows & Commercials
Interview Videos Vlogs Medical & Clinical Videos Corporate Presentations

Why Choose Our Video Editing Services?

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  • Professional and well-trained video editors
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Detailed briefing to understand your requirements accurately
  • Three rounds of free revisions included
  • Secure transmission through secure FTP our cloud services of your choice
  • We edit all types of digital video formats
  • We use copyright free music for background scores

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