Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing
Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect Photo Editing

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing

Fashion retailers, Fashion houses and Fashion bloggers all understand the importance of marketing and advertising to get their products and review getting maximum traction and momentum. Many fashion houses and designers prefer human models to showcase their creations and apparels. It is crucial to employ more effective and budget-friendly ways to showcase your apparels and boosting business. Models are good for the job but are very costly and not available every time you need them. That’s why most people use ghost mannequins to show the fitting, fall and bounce of the apparels in their photographs.

The process of ghost mannequin photo editing involves many steps starting with capturing a mannequin wearing the clothes by a professional photographer. Then, expert image editors at ZPhotoedit edit out the mannequins from the pictures to create a hollow, almost ghost-like effect where clothes seem to be hanging in the air by themselves. The ghost-like effect makes it easier for visitors on your online stores to get the hang of the texture, garment size, its fabric, and most importantly, the fit.

Our ghost mannequin effect photo editing process is usually a series of many sub-processes to achieve the desired resultant image. These sub-processes range from changing or removing the background in the image, to merging multiple shots, from removing wrinkles on garments to removing stains and dust spots, from ghost mannequin product image enhancement to applying alpha channel masking to name a few. All these Photoshop ghost mannequin effects come together to generate a much cleaner, smoother, bright, and full of life image of the clothing line making it more appealing.

The invisible ghost mannequin photo editing is also an excellent way to display product labels for customers who have very strong brand preferences and loyalties. In case of an upper body garment the neck area of the mannequin is removed and the brand tag, usually hidden by the neckline, at the collar area come into view.

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