Image Masking Services
Photoshop Image Masking Services

Image Masking Services

Most customers prefer to see the products, they are researching before buying, on a white background, then come some other solid color backgrounds. The reason is simple a white or a contrasting background helps the product on display stands-out, its details and features not clouded by the surrounding distractions. Similarly, a transparent background allows the designers, publishers, web-designers and marketers to use images against any backdrop to create magical effects.

Whether you use photographs for hardcopy print or digital use on websites or mobile apps, attention to detail is key to create image masking for them. Image masking is helpful in removing the background from images that have subjects with hair or fur. You can impress your clients with our professional photoshop masking services to hide every strand of hair or fur.

We give you the best photoshop image masking service with the help of our expert, professional and experienced team. Our image editors begin the process with hand drawing clipping paths along straight and curved edges, and then get to the more intricate work of preserving the finer details. To deliver our professional image masking service we make use of many tools from Photoshop - background eraser tool, magic eraser tool and the color separation technique, or a combination of these. Photoshop transparency masking is a process to isolate the edges of a subject like hair, dolls, or fabrics, etc. so that there is no damage to a single pixel.

Situation When Image Masking is Needed

  • When subjects have very thin and complex edges, or where subjects have complex structures such as trees, face, or animals.
  • Pictures where subjects have almost the same color pattern as the background.
  • Where subjects contain simple shapes but have transparency to bring perfection to them.
  • Landscape and outdoor photographs need masking to remove unwanted objects like vehicle, birds, streetlights, etc.
  • Where pictures need editing to acquire transparency so that they can fuse with surrounding environment.
  • To add shadows to subjects to add depth and pop out the subject from the rest.

Different Types of Photo Masking

Image masking services can be classified into multiple categories based on the difficulty, complexity, and your requirements from images.

  • Layer Masking - This method is used to adjust the ratio of revealing or blurring sections of an image and subjects’ opacity can be adjusted according to the background.
  • Alpha Channel Masking - This method is useful with photographs backgrounds with a single color and the background needs removal. The separated subjects are called alpha channel and are saved separately to be edited anytime.
  • Perfect for garment and product printing due to clarity, scalability and sharpness.
  • Hair and Flesh Masking - Hair and flesh masking catches every soft edge of the subject so that contrast, background, exposure, etc. can be changed through Photoshop. Images of dolls, models, clothes, animals, birds can be edited through it.
  • Object Masking - Any unwanted objects that don’t relate to the subjects can easily be knocked out such as in wildlife photography, wedding photography, infant and child photography and real estate photography.
  • Refine Edges Image Masking - Through refine edge masking, a subject in a picture can get softer edges making it natural and realistic. Edges will also match the background without any compromise.
  • Color Masking - To make sure hollow lines don’t distract attention from the subject in the image, color masking technique is used during post-color correction process. Contrast and exposure are changed or fixed to bring perfection.
  • Collage Image Masking – Photoshop Collage masking produces new images from old raw images – subjects from different images are captured, put in a different background, highlighting and other correction are applied, to bring them in focus.
  • Transparent Object Masking - Images containing transparent or translucent subjects require that subjects need to maintain the natural opacity in the new background to look realistic. To change background is such cases, editors make sure light can easily pass through the subjects while maintaining their contrast.
  • Clipping Mask - The clipping mask is the method that combines two layers to maintain the opacity or transparency of the top layer and uses the bottom layer to put an effect on the top one to look natural and cosy.

Why ZPhotoedit for Image Masking Services

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