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Lightroom Services

Adobe Lightroom is an advanced image editing software used by image editors and photographers worldwide. Lightroom is so easy to use and reliable that it has become one of the most used software tools among image editors and photographers alike. ZPhotoedit has a great experienced team to provide best Lightroom editing services for images. Adobe Lightroom is capable of handling multiple files and providing superior editing services to many other photo editing applications. It offers excellent and unmatched image management and allows editing in multiple modes and comparison of different images to choose the best one.

Our well-trained and skilled editors are proficient in handling most complex and challenging tasks of photo editing tasks with efficiency. We have dedicated editors specifically trained on Lightroom for providing focused and fast photo merging Lightroom editing services. We continually sharpen their skills, sponsor their re-trainings and send them to workshops to keep them updated.

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most feature-rich image editing tools with capabilities to offer noise removal services and unmatched results. As many photographer’s struggle to get the right color, contrast and tone adjustments in their pictures, using Lightroom split toning services eases their work to a great deal.

At ZPhotoedit, we offer the best Lightroom services and post-production image editing for photographers, photo studios, online platforms, real estate agencies, marketing and advertising agencies, and many such businesses.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

Some of the key features of Adobe Lightroom are:

  • Photo Merging
  • Face Detection
  • Access to All Processor/Cores
  • Brush Option
  • Lightroom Mobile App

Our Clients

Our professional Lightroom photo editing experts can deliver following specialized services:

Our Lightroom Services

  • Skin Retouching Service- We efficiently carry out skin tone enhancement of the images having human subjects in them. Enhanced pictures – with flaws in skin like blemishes, under eye dark circles removed – add life to the overall user experience.
  • Sky Change Services- Outdoor product images or images of a real estate property require corrections to an odd-looking sky. We give the sky a more realistic look and change it to a time of day of your choice using Lightroom.
  • Split Toning Services- Lightroom tools are used to add specific tones to selected parts of your images.
  • Color Change Services- We change the color of images by removing color casts and restore the natural look of the scene.
  • Noise Removal Services- Images with blur objects, spots, grains, etc. are unusable anywhere. We remove such noise elements from images to make them look smooth, flawless and crisp.
  • Image Enhancement- Lightroom is used enhance the quality of images making raw pictures look clean, minus of any shadows and unwanted elements.

Benefits of Using ZPhotoedit’s Lightroom Services

  • Your valuable images are safe and secured with us. We always use secure modes of transmission, storage and processing.
  • We edit images in every format – JPEG, RAW, PDF, TIFF, EPS, GIF, etc.
  • We convert edited images from one format to another, including from raster to vector.
  • We deploy the latest software tools and software such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CC and CS.
  • Our infrastructure – machines, storage servers, power backup, network – are extremely reliable, safe and secure.
  • We have the best team of professional and expert photo editors trained on Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Our advanced services come at very affordable prices.

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