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Clipping Path is a method used in retouching photos and image editing or correction. Basically, this technique is used to remove unwanted objects from the real image surrounding the targeted object. Let’s say, if someone takes a picture of Eiffel Tower, the picture will also cover the surrounding areas and objects such as the sky, etc. So, if the person wants to capture only the tower excluding the surrounding, Clipping Path is the best technique to do so. Using this technique will remove all surrounding objects from the original picture without affecting the quality of the original photograph.

Advantages of Clipping Path

As we discussed, with the help of the Clipping Path, we can remove the unwanted objects from our snap. Apart from that, there are advantages of Clipping Path which are discussed below:

  1. The unwanted image removed from the snap can be made into a new image and other backgrounds can be added to it retaining the quality and sharpness of the image with image clipping services.
  2. Photo Clipping provides a way to make the image more lively and add a new connotation to it. 
  3. Clipping Path is an essential tool for advertising agencies to make their product more highlighted and attractive.
  4. It is also very helpful in retouching jewelry images to make it look more attractive.
  5. Also, it is helpful for digital photographers to craft different pictures for different purposes.
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After Clipping Path

How to do Path Clipping?

Path Clipping is carried out by using the Pencil tool in Photoshop as:

  1. Pencil Tool is used to draw an outline of the surrounding object in the photograph without affecting the quality.
  2. The image content inside that path (or outline) will be included in the image and rest will be excluded. 
  3. Clipping Path is a Vector Path which makes sure that the intended content in the image can be resized to any dimension without affecting quality. 
  4. Once we are done clipping the path, we get two new images other than the original image that can be reused as many times as we want without affecting the raw image.

However, these steps, at a glance, seem to be simple but are not. For the Clipping Path, one needs to be a master in this field. It requires patience, skills, and attention altogether to become a professional in this field. Depending upon the level of difficulty, image clipping services can be classified into a few types. The time and effort required for the clipping path service vary with the complexity of the image. The Complex it is, the greater time and effort it will take. The complexities in the image are basically due to properties such as transparency, shape, shadow, etc.


In this era of increasing competition, every business requires a photo editing service for different purposes such as Advertisement, Posters, Brochure, etc. And for all these services, the designers or advertisers who come across thousands of pictures daily are in a terrible need for Photo Clipping Techniques. Newspapers have to use multiple images for the ongoing issues and they have to use Path Clipping so that they can merge multiple images to save space and without degrading the quality of the image to maintain the reputation of the Newspaper. Due to these purposes, Image Clipping Service is a key tool for advertising firms. 

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