Top 10 Best and Easiest Photo Editing Software for beginners

Best photo editing software for beginners

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In today’s world, we do not wait for a photo lab to edit and process our pictures. We can do it by ourselves, thanks to various photo editing software programs on our computer. However, if you are working with a photo editing software for the first time, then it may be a tough task for you. You may not know the uses of the tools and various features of those applications. Here, we discuss the best and easiest photo editing software available on various platforms.

Best Photo Editing Software:

1. Adobe Lightroom: Adobe Lightroom is one of the most sought after photo editor for the professionals. You can update the lens type, color tone, levels, and other specifications of your photo, even if you have taken the photo in your mobile camera. The user fee for a month in Adobe Lightroom is $9.99, so it is much affordable as well.

Easiest Photo Editing Software for beginners
Adobe Lightroom


  • Easy and fast syncing of editing steps
  • Easy to learn software when compare with photoshop
  • Presets
  • wide range of readymade and community made filters


  • Get limited editing options
  • It is expensive.
  • File management is a very tough feature, might not everyone like it.

2. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate: This is a very modern style best and easiest photo editing software that has features like facial recognition. You can organize your photos and edit them on a single platform. It also has a flexible membership fee, from $8.90/month to 89/year, and a lifetime plan for $225.

ACDSee Photo Studio
ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate


  • Its main feature is adaptable brushing
  • Advancements in layers
  • Delete pixel
  • lens correction
  • Multi-format support


  • Availability only for windows.
  • Very few presets

3. Adobe Photoshop: This is one of the most popular and widely used easiest photo editing software in current times. It is compatible with all Operating Systems and gives a complete satisfaction of work. You can use it by paying a subscription fee of $20.99/month. You can use the free trial version first at free of cost.

Adobe photoshop image editing software
Adobe Photoshop


  • Leading widely used editing software
  • Incredibly flexible used for photo retouching, restoration, and other editing services
  • Easy to use


  • Costly software
  • It consumes a lot of resources
  • Don’t have many options for working with vectors.

4. Canva: If you are searching for a good quality free image editing software for Mac or any other operating system, then Canva is the best option for you.  It will be of great help to you if you also need software for graphic designing and creating templates. Even in the free version, users get thousands of templates that are easily editable.

canva image editing


  • Very easy to use software
  • Does not require additional editing and software skills to run.
  • Drag and Drop options make it easy and understandable


  • Does not have many options.
  • Only you can edit the templates according to the need
  • In the free version, you can’t get too much

5. Corel Paintshop Pro: It is one of the easiest photo editing software you can ever find. You can edit and design your photos as per your choice and also use them for various purposes. The software will cost you $99.99.

Best and easiest photo editing software
Corel Paintshop Pro


  • Alternative of photoshop 
  • provide graphic design and photo editing tools.
  • Target different users like graphic designer and visual artist


  • Built-in presets and styles are very few.

6. DxO Photo Lab: This is a good photo editing software if you need to reduce the sound, haze, and adjust it with various modern editing tools. You can use it for correction purpose of your photos. The DxO photo lab comes at a cost of $129 (Essential) and $199 (Elite).

Easiest Photo Editing Software
DxO Photo Lab


  • It has digital asset management & batch processing
  • Interface is customizable
  • Best part, it is integrated with adobe lightroom and allows us to export images and share on social media accounts.


  • Unable to get many styles and presets.

7. GIMP: GIMP is a photo editing software that follows closely the features of Adobe Photoshop. So, if you are searching for free photo editing software for beginners, then this software can be your perfect match.

GIMP for Mac. Download Free


  • Available for windows, mac, and Linux.
  • Allow to develop its own custom functionality.
  • It’s free and does not require many resources.


  • It does not support presets and raw editing.

8. Inkscape: This is one of the best and easiest photo editing software that has modern photo editing features and color adjusting features. You can also add beautiful shadows to your picture using this software.

Free Image editing software


  • An alternative to adobe  illustrator
  • Inkscape is an awesome design and drawing program.
  •  It’s free and works with different image formats.


  • Look like a mess because of so many options available
  • Only can export in png format.
  • 3D graphics are not possible.

9. Fotophire: If you want to edit the backgrounds of your photo in a stylish and better way, then you should choose Fotophire software. It has over 200 types of effects that will enhance the beauty of your photo. You can purchase a subscription for a lifetime at a low rate of $79.99

Best and easiest photo editing software


  • Excellent in background manipulation
  • prices are affordable
  • Easy to use.
  • Make your daily photo life easy


  • Available for Windows users only.
  • Not meet the requirements of professional editors

10. Affinity Photo: Affinity Photo is regarded as one of the best and easiest photo editing software if you have a Mac or an iPad. You can browse a number of effects and transitions to make your picture look better. You can purchase this software at $49.99.

Affinity – Professional Creative Software
Affinity photo


  • clear and good interface.
  • Supports raw editing
  • Use for HRD Blending, batch processing, and other major editing requirements.


  • Heavy Interface
  • Takes time to understand and learn


Here I mentioned only 10 best editing software but there are lots more that work absolutely amazing. Choose the best software according to your need and budget. Also, if you have enjoyed working on any software (Apart from mentioned above) please let us know in the comment box.

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